How to take care of your products


The best way to clean wool is with fresh air. You can also wash stained wool by hand with lukewarm water or in a washing machine with a hand washing program, but be sure to use a detergent suitable for wool. Always dry the knit flat, placed to its correct size - don't hang it to dry. At the beginning, the wool may feel a little itchy and rough to your skin, but the use will soften it soon.


Wax your leather product every now and then. We only recommend products that contain natural ingredients, such as beewax. Waxing prevents cracking and makes the leather more elastic. If the leather gets wet, allow it to dry in peace. This softens the leather back to its original softness.


Enamel dishes can be machine washed if necessary. Please note, that although enamel is a durable and hard material, when exposed to high pressure it may break like glass. So take good care of your container and avoid dropping and knocking it hard - this way you'll keep it with you for a long time.


Washing according to the instructions is important, and by following them your product will stay as good as possible.

  • Follow the care instructions on the washing label
  • Sort the laundry according to color, dirtyness, required washing temperature and washing mechanics
  • Wash dark and light textiles separately. Always wash whites separately
  • Always wash your product turned "the wrong way round" as this will prevent it from shrinking, stretching and loosing color