About us

We are a Finnish family loving the Finnish nature and exploring outdoors. For over twenty years we have found nature as a way to balance our busy entrepreneurial life. Over the years we've been lucky enough to see unforgettable landscapes and enjoy wonderful experiences, for example during long hikes in Greenland and the Dolomites. The rugged beauty of the Arctic impressed us while in Svalbard and in the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. But for us the most important landscapes have always been the ones found in Finland, especially those in the magnificent National Parks.

The more time we've spent away from the built environment, the more we now appreciate canoeing trips on a nearby lake and the mushroom and berry harvest in our own forest that makes us as happy as our first encounter with a polar bear did.

We want to encourage everyone to get out into nature and discover Finland's wonderful National Parks. We want as many people as possible to be able to gain from nature's many benefits on both mental and physical well-being, just like we have done.

We want to share the unique story of Finnish nature and National Parks with you while being involved in developing and protecting these treasures that we share together. That's why we founded Vuoma Company.

As entrepreneurs, we want to support Finnish craftsmanship and small businesses. That's why we aim to partner up with domestic operators and, whenever possible, choose products that are made in Finland. And naturally, we choose all materials products and manufacturers with environmental and ethical considerations in mind. Read more of what sustainability means to us here.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Kirsu and Timo Moilanen


Vuoma Company is the auxiliary business name of our Finnish family business, Castanja Marketing Services Oy, that is founded in 1991.

Fun fact: Vuoma means a swamp – one of the typical elements of Finnish nature. Vuoma is a large swamp without trees, more commonly called the swamp bog.

Picture of Kirsu washing up after a sweaty day of hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland.