The search of a stylish enamel mug

When wondering around the world, we often came across stylish enamel mugs that we brought home for ourselves and our family. This got us to wonder why there were no similar mugs found in Finland - and so the idea of making our own mugs for Finnish national parks was born. Gradually, the idea was refined into a complete National Parks Finland product family.

Vuoma Company's enamel product line is designed by us and its produced by the Finnish company Muurla Design.

Enamel dishes became part of Finnish everyday life as early as the beginning of the 20th century. With a good conscience, we can say that Vuoma Company's enamel mug and enamel plate represent the timeless beauty of everyday life. We also dare to say that coffee tastes best when its enjoyed from an enamel mug. At home, in the woods, at sea - anywhere.

The surface of the enamel is very dense, so bacteria or allergens are not absorbed into it. The surface is easy to keep clean and is highly resistant to cleaning and abrasives. Additionally, enamel is an ecological choice. It lasts, but if for one reason or another you decide to give up your product, it’s good to know that both enamelled steel and enamel coating are recyclable materials.