The wool used in our products is an ecological choice

All Vuoma Company's sweaters and beanies are handmade by our mom, Kirsu, using the finest yarn in the world, the Finnsheep yarn. We get the wool directly from the Laaksorinne farm located in Karjaa close to our own place. The sheep graze free most of the year. The farm does not use chemicals to repel the parasites, nor does the sheep undergo a painful mulesing procedure.

The wool is spun into yarn in the Pirtti spinning mill, founded in the 1940s. The spinning mill invests in improving the use of renewable energy, especially in heating the property and producing the hot water needed for the wool washing process. 

Sheep shearing is also an act of well-being. It does not hurt the sheep and it's required, as an excessive amount of wool can cause the sheep to feel comfortable. The Animal Welfare Act also requires collection at least once a year. Sheep have also a positive impact on the environment - as they graze and manage traditional biotopestake, they are taking care of biodiversity!

Did you know this?
The early ancestors of the Finnish sheep arrived in Finland about 4,000 years ago and the breed is closer to the wild sheep than most bred sheep breeds.