A knife made by a master

A good knife is certainly one of the most common - and the most personal - outdoor equipment that can be found from a nature lover's equipment list.

For us at Vuoma, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to have a unique handmade wilderness knife in our National Parks Finland collection. We wanted the knife to be a suitable and durable tool for hikers and hunters.

Naturally, we were extremely happy when Pekka Oinonen, a multiple Finnish knife maker champion, got excited about our idea. Pekka designed and manufactured a wild knife, that is now available in our online store.



Pekka's thoughts of the process:

“When I was asked to design a knife model for Finnish national parks, it immediately occurred to me that it had to have a fairly short blade and a simple pattern, a knife that it suitable for everyone to use in nature. For the handle I chose to use Finnish birch, and for the colour of the leather sheath I chose restrained brown. The design of the handle helps to remove the knife from the sheath and makes it easier to use. I'm a nature lover myself and I move a lot in the woods, so these are the elements I appreciate in a knife.

I wish you great trips with your knife in the wilderness with your knife!”

Knife smith Pekka Oinonen, Lieksa