Nature makes us happy

National parks are valuable showcases of Finnish nature, and they teach us about the unique diversity of it. In the 40 national parks of our country, everyone can find their favorite and a way to enjoy themselves in the beautiful nature - whether it is a short lunch trip with friends or a weeks of hiking in the wilderness in one's own company.

For us, nature and national parks have meant both - the opportunity to relax and recharge our batteries and the adventure on new unfamiliar paths - for over 30 years. They have been a balancing element in the occasionally hectic life of the entrepreneurial family. Now, with the help of Vuoma Company, we want to play our part in securing the future of our national parks and developing their operations. Our “National Parks Finland” collection and this online store are the first steps on this path. Every year, we donate a product-specific amount from the sale of each product that's sold in our online store, to the development of national parks. This can be for example the construction of new boardwalks or a new campfire site.

As entrepreneurs, we want to support Finnish craftsmanship and small entrepreneurship. Therefore, we strive for domestic partnerships and products that are manufactured in Finland whenever it's possible, yet unfortunately, the manufacturing of many products has been discontinued in Finland. And, of course, we choose all materials with environmental and ethical considerations in mind.

We have a lot of ideas in mind for ways to share the unique story of Finnish nature with a growing number of people. We also want to be actively involved in activities for the benefit of our national parks. If you have an idea in mind, get in touch with us - let's do it together.

What is Vuoma?

Vuoma means one of the typical elements of Finnish nature, a swamp. Vuoma is a large swamp without trees, more commonly called the swamp bog. The Company was added to the name, as we hope to be able to take the message of Finnish nature beyond the borders of Finland.